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Premium kava powder

Our partners

Below you can find information about our exclusive distributors and partners in selected markets:

New Zealand

The Kava Society (

The Kava Society was born out of the informal Auckland University Kava Appreciation Society established in 2011 by a group of doctoral students and scholars at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. The group hosted regular campus meetings with the aims of enjoying fine kava in a social setting, discovering some of the world’s finest kavas and learning about the plant itself and everything that creates a great kava experience. With time, and in response to popular demand, their activity resulted in the creation of an online kava educational platform and later an online shop specialising in outstanding kavas from some of the world’s best kava growing regions.

Over the years, members of The Kava Society have been working to provide accurate information about kava and its uses, support kava-related research projects (including new kava products research and development), and to promote responsible kava consumption in New Zealand and beyond. They have organised and co-organised a number of kava workshops, seminars and “pop up” kava lounges, as well as contributed to kava publications and responded to media and scholarly enquiries related to kava science, economics and industry. In 2019 the Kava Society helped to establish Auckland City’s first kava bar.

The Kava Society and Root and Pestle have been joined by their shared passion for high quality kava and the desire to go back to the traditional appreciation for the unique features of distinct desirable kava cultivars sourced from the regions most suitable for their cultivation.

We’ve combined our scientific knowledge, experience, passion, and understanding of what makes great kava with state of the art processing methods, excellent contacts across Vanuatu, commitment to quality, and ability to guarantee cultivar purity to create this exceptional range of single cultivar products.

Each single cultivar powder showcases the amazing features of a distinct variety, the region in which it is cultivated, the skills of their growers, as well as the remarkable processing methods and attention to detail employed by The Root and Pestle team.


Kava Europe was founded by European kava enthusiasts who traveled extensively throughout the Pacific. Recognising the lack of high-quality kava and Pacific products in Europe, they partnered with the Kava Society to create the EU’s first shop dedicated to certified noble kava and single cultivars expertly processed by Root & Pestle.  As the official distributor for the Kava Society and Root & Pestle in the European Union, European Economic Area, and Switzerland, Kava Europe offers expertly processed kava and quick, hassle-free delivery across the continent.


Nakamal At Home was founded in 2002 as a means to to sell off overstock from the first kava bar in North America, The Nakamal. This online store was the brainchild of owners, Mr. Jeffrey A. Bowman and Kenneth Hoyumpa who saw the potential in online vending in the early days of the Internet. Today they are still sourcing and delivering high quality kava from the South Pacific 17+ years later!


Turtle Bay Lodge Espiritu Santo (

Turtle Bay Lodge is a stunning 14 room boutique resort ideally situated on the east coast of Santo.

All 14 rooms  are located on the edge of the water with all rooms boasting sea front views. Over the last few years the resort has made some amazing improvements. A new reception, new bathrooms and a new handicraft shop await you on your arrival to put up all local gift and Root & Pestle products. Some will notice the expansive deck surrounding the bay side views from the restaurant. The pool decks have been completely upgraded and extended and the Family rooms have undergone a complete refurbishment sporting huge 32 square metre verandas.

Turtle Bay Lodge is now a PADI registered Dive centre and is offering a wide range of PADI courses too.

They also have quad bikes for hire, kayaks and SUP too. Turtle Bay has something for everyone. Experience the tranquillity and relaxed vibe of Turtle Bay Lodge.

Aore Island Resort, Espiritu Santo  (

The Espiritu Hotel & Car Rentals, Espiritu Santo (

Island Duty Free, Espiritu Santo (

LCM Store, Espiritu Santo (

Pandanus Vanuatu, Port Vila (

Fung Kuei, Port Vila (

Poppy’s On The Lagoon, Port Vila (

Eratap Beach Resort, Port Vila (