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Buy Kava Online now in Australia

It is now possible to buy kava online legally in Australia – Root & Pestle offer you the chance to buy direct from the source.  Our premium products are made from  100% noble kava root. Our Kava provides an experience that is similar to  freshly squeezed kava.  Order now and have our kava powders  delivered to your door at the best prices

Our processing facility is independently certified by HACCP who are globally recognised and identify and manage risks related to food safety.




Why Buy Kava Online?

When you buy kava Australia online with Root & Pestle you know you are getting the best possible product. Our Noble Kava has been a long established tradition in Vanuatu to help promote relaxation and therefore a better quality of  sleep for over three thousand years. Our Noble Kava plants are lovingly nurtured to produce a consistent kavalactone and keep yields predictable.

Root & Pestle has a hight-tech onsite laboratory that includes a microbial testing facility. This enables our team the ability to provide our customers with the cleanest kava products on the market.


Buy Kava in Australia

If you’re wondering, “where can I buy kava root powder in Australia?”, you have found the answer: The best place to buy kava in Australia is right here at Root & Pestle.

Kava is for sale in Australia also at various health food stores, organic grocery stores, supermarkets, and specialist distributors, but if you want the highest quality kava available, you should buy your kava directly from the experts here at Root & Pestle; We oversee all aspects of the production of our organic kava powder right from the source in Vanuatu and we sell nothing but the finest noble kava root powders.

Whether you’re buying kava in Australia to enjoy for yourself or to send to a friend elsewhere, Root & Pestle makes buying kava online fast, safe, and easy. All of our kava root powders are produced organically and contain nothing but the ground roots of the Piper methysticum plant, a member of the pepper family, but one which contains extraordinary psychoactive compounds called kavalactones. It is primarily these kavalactones which confer the incredible effects this amazing elixir has to offer.

Buying kava in Australia has never been safer or simpler. Click here to go directly to our online kava store or click here to have a look at our blogs where you can take a deeper dive into learning more about the amazing kava plant and the benefits drinking kava may offer to your lifestyle.

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