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The case for single cultivar

Traditionally growers and drinkers paid attention to the cultivar they cultivated or consumed. This remains to be the case in Vanuatu where drinkers are familiar with the most popular varieties, and many have their personal preferences or know which cultivar is best suitable for what kind of occasion.

Elsewhere in the Pacific, the existence of a much smaller range of cultivars (with most or all cultivars being suitable for daily consumption), the switch from drinking fresh/green kava to drinking kava made from dry powder (usually made up from a blend of cultivars) and the practice of diluting dry kava with large amounts of water have all resulted in the lessening of the appreciation for unique cultivar characteristics. Similarly, until recently kava drinkers outside of the South Pacific were often not aware of the differences between cultivars, nor able to source single cultivar products due to logistical and technical difficulties in guaranteeing cultivar purity.

The purpose

Our range of single cultivar products is a result of several years of fruitful collaboration between Root and Pestle and The Kava Society (New Zealand).

Root & Pestle and The Kava Society have been joined by their shared passion for high quality kava and the desire to go back to the traditional appreciation for the unique features of distinct desirable kava cultivars sourced from the regions most suitable for their cultivation.

We’ve combined our scientific knowledge, experience, passion, and understanding of what makes great kava with state of the art processing methods, excellent contacts across Vanuatu, commitment to quality, and ability to guarantee cultivar purity to create this exceptional range of single cultivar products.

Each single cultivar powder showcases the amazing features of a distinct variety, the region in which it is cultivated, the skills of their growers, as well as the remarkable processing methods and attention to detail employed by The Root and Pestle team.

From Vanuatu To You

Following countless tasting sessions and long travels around the archipelago, we’ve selected a range of desirable cultivars, established strong connections with dedicated growers in some of the best farming regions, and developed meticulous selection and processing techniques that retain maximum freshness, purity and unique features of each cultivar. In result, customers from around the world can now enjoy Vanuatu’s finest kava in the comfort of their home or at their local kava bar.

Our Single Cultivar Products are available in the following forms: single cultivar traditional grind powders, single cultivar instant powders, and custom blends of selected single cultivars instant powders.

What is Vanuatu kava or Piper Methysticum?

There exists an impressive diversity of drinkable, popular cultivars reflecting their respective unique characteristic flavours, aromas and psychocactive attributes.